Diversity is key on our farm.

Farming for us is a way of life. Our passion is stewarding a Biodynamic Cannabis Farm which creates space for plants and animals to fully express and live into their true being.

Growing food, herbs and medicine for our community is our priority. We believe that healthy bodies come from healthy food. Our beyond organic practices create food with high vitality. 

Part of our diversity comes from not only growing food, but placing it on peoples plate through delicious local farm-to-table meals and preserving throughout the growing season. Our approach to cooking is only using the most fresh and local ingredients, prepared in simple, delicious, and colorful presentation.

Here is a list of the many agricultural activities we grow/create on the farm:

Vegetables - Fruit - Herbs - Flowers - Cannabis - Chickens - Cows - Pigs - Turkeys - Merino Sheep - Sheep Shearing - Hay - Juice - Preserves - Cooking - Biodynamics  

check out the photo gallery and the bottom of the page for a glimps into the farm

Luna, Moonbean, Stardust and Luke

Luna, Moonbean, Stardust and Luke